VanillaVerse Wikia

VanillaVerse has had many update-based seasons, and with each season, comes many shops in the flea market. It can be accessed with the command /warp fleamarket. Here is a list of the shops in VanillaVerse from the 1.15 - 1.16 (2020) season...

The Book Shop[]

This is THE first fleamarket shop. It is owned by Feronimus. It is a large granite structure, packed with stock and Redstone, the "balcony" area was made by Bruno_885. The shop is connected to the rules board, the feed-back cauldron/hopper/anvil stack, and the shops Golden Carrots and XP Bottles.

Products and Prices[]

It sells Protection 4, Infinity, Silk Touch, Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 5, Sharpness 5, Aqua Affinity, Mending, Power 5, fortune 3, Feather Falling 4, Looting 3, Flame, Knockback 2, Sweeping edge 3, and Fire aspect 2 books for 5 diamonds. It also sells Channeling, Loyalty 3, and Riptide 3 books for 4 diamonds.  

Golden Carrots[]

This is a shop connected to The Book Shop. The price of the carrots has recently been halved. (From 32 carrots per diamond) It is owned by Feronimus.

Products and Prices[]

Feronimus sells golden carrots at a price of just 64 golden carrots per diamond.

Stones n' Bones[]

Stones n' Bones is a shop built and owned by _Rancher. He also owns a statue just outside of the flea market.

Products and Prices[]

_Rancher sells 5 stacks of stone or 4 stacks of cobblestone for just 1 diamond. He also sells skeleton drops in the form of 3 stacks of arrows or 1 stack of bones for 1 diamond.

Clarinettist's Containers[]

Clarinettist's containers is a container store about 10 blocks away from The Book Shop. It is owned by Clarinettist and is well known for its incredibly cheap storage options - so cheap that it is not far off being a non-profit organization.

Products and Prices[]

Clarinettist sells his containers for a low price of 32 chests/barrels or 1 ender chest/shulker box for 1 diamond. When buying these items, it is recommended that one stands as close to the dropper as possible otherwise items are easily lost in the hoppers below. There is a hopper for players to throw their refund requests inside.