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"I'm moving." - Splonky


"The Ranch" is known as a small community on the server where a few players live. The homes of _Rancher, Splonky, MightBeLynn, LukeElKnight, and firedragon867. Along with this, there's a Costco, museum, auto body shop, abyss, Mount Ranchmore, a villager prison, and much more. It's become a popular place despite not being considered a town nor having a warp. A few members of the server have stated that sometimes they enjoy to just walk or fly (legally) around the area when they don't have anything better to do on the server. Common visitors include Daewoo_, PancakeNinjaz, PetlitMC, Ur_Boi_Panda, and ImAChirry_.


  • A lot of the land had to be terraformed, which was done by _Rancher with some help from MightBeLynn and LukeElKnight as well.
  • MightBeLynn's house was actually supposed to be based upon animal crossing houses, however, the vision didn't become reality.
  • The "7/11 building" is actually a Taco Bell! This may seem random, but many are confused at first.
  • There is definitely no villager breeder that forced all of the villagers in the prison to take upon professions for the player's own personal gain.
  • The former named Love Lake to HATE POND to Goose Pond/HONK HONK was where MightBeLynn first transformed into a goose. <3
  • There has been a total of 3 divorces and 12 marriages held at "The Ranch" (the data is from 2001 and may be outdated)!