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Owner: Champ
Owner: Champ
<span style="font-weight:normal;">Admins:  EliteRay, [[Jamm]] , Bocktrow, Red_Epicness and Agent__</span>
<span style="font-weight:normal;">Admins:  [[EliteRay]], [[Jamm]] , Bocktrow, Red_Epicness and Agent__</span>
<span style="font-weight:normal;">Current List of Moderators:</span>
<span style="font-weight:normal;">Current List of Moderators:</span>

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The VanillaVerse Logo


VanillaVerse is a Minecraft Server that has had over 65,000 Unique players join, and several thousand regular players joining each month. The server was founded on the 23rd of April, 2014 by Champ. The server focuses on the Vanilla Survival side of minecraft, with a minimal use mods and 5 gamemodes,1.9 Survival, 1.8 Survival, UHC, Survival Island and Half Heart Race.

Server Ip:

Websites: Main Site , Store


Owner: Champ

Admins:  EliteRay, Jamm , Bocktrow, Red_Epicness and Agent__

Current List of Moderators:

NSA_Ghost, BaconDrippings, RestlessZombi, Unicornkitty25, Valeoftears, xTheLoneWolf__, Bedbug, Turteh,

Current List of Helpers: 

AgentDylan_, MrMoka, Chiliepeppers, gominoloOPR, JaydeStarr

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