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VanillaVerse is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server. The server goal is to offer an authentic vanilla multi-player experience with few modifications dedicated to grief prevention and gameplay improvements. VanillaVerse has an active, growing player base with more than 70,000 players who have joined in its history, and for the active players, we have towns. The server was founded on the 23rd of April, 2014 by Champ in Minecraft version 1.7. and is now administered by Bocktrow. Since then, VanillaVerse has gone through many iterations, providing the best possible experience for players. As of 24 January 2021, the server runs on version 1.16.4. The server focuses on the Vanilla Survival side of Minecraft, with minimal use of plugins and 2 game modes, 1.16 Survival, and a monthly UHC (previously 2 iterations of 1.13, 1.12, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7 survival, UHC, Survival Island and Half Heart Race). There are also building competitions held every once in a while.

The server's map is reset every half-year or so, with the most recent reset being 5.30pm UTC on the 14 April 2021. Each reset is commonly referred to as a season, right now we are on Season 3.

Click here to find out about the shopping area known as the Fleamarket from last season.

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Server Website: [Click here]

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Administrator - Administrators are divided into staff managers, event managers and game developers. They oversee the staff team and have the final say in decisions for the server.

Senior Moderators - Senior Moderators have similar responsibilities as regular moderators, however they also assist the admins in managing and maintaining the server and staff team.

Moderator - Moderators monitor game play and chats to enforce server rules. They also answer general questions about the server and assist players.

Helper - Helpers are generally new staff members in training and are there mainly to monitor chat. They have similar responsibilities as moderators, however fewer abilities.

Builder - Builders work in teams to build server lobbies and event arenas.

Netherite - Netherite is the only paid subscription rank on the server, It's purchased from the VanillaVerse store. It grants many perks such as the following: Everything the [Gold], [Diamond] and [Emerald] provides, [Netherite] prefix in chat (Although this can be modified with /customizeprefix, another perk), increases your home limit to 50, access to Hex Codes and Rainbow in chat, Arrow particles, /ptime and /pweather, which allows the user to customize their personal time or weather to what they want, /skull [player name] to get any players head, more claim perks, a 40% claim discount and Anchors, which function as chunk loaders in a 6 chunk area. It is purchasable for 1 or 3 months.

Emerald - Emerald is one of the three permanent ranks. It's purchased from the VanillaVerse store. It grants you several perks such as the following: Everything the [Gold] and [Diamond] rank provides, [Emerald] prefix in chat and the tablist, increases your home limit to 15, 40% discount on claims, type emojis in chat (such as o/, :tableflip: and \o/), allows you to change your server join and leave messages, allows for particle effects to be shown above your head, gives you access to /skull, and gives you access to /mobcannon <mob> (shoots a mob out of you that detonates).

Diamond - Diamond is one of the three permanent ranks. It's purchased from the VanillaVerse store. It grants you several perks such as the following: Everything the [Gold] rank provides, [Diamond] prefix in chat and the tablist, increases your home limit to 8, 30% discount on claims, type with any color in chat and gives you access to the /trash command (virtual trash can for your items!)..

Gold - Gold is one of the three permanent ranks. It's purchased from the VanillaVerse store. It grants you several perks such as the following: [Gold] prefix in chat and the tablist, Increases your home limit to 4, 20% discount on claims, allows you to change the name of a claim (show up when entering), gives you access to /hat (wear anything like a hat!), gives you access to the /me command, and allows you to bypass the player limit!

Supporter - The supporter rank is earned by voting for VanillaVerse for 10 days straight and lasts 15 days. Some of the perks of being a supporter include a [⭐] suffix behind the name, and a white name on tablist, unless a higher rank already exists (Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Helper, Moderator, Sr Moderator and Administrator) a 20% claiming discount, and an extra sethome.

Nitro Booster - The Nitro Booster rank is earned by boosting the VanillaVerse discord server and lasts for 30 days at a time. Some of the perks of being a Nitro booster include a [◆] suffix behind the name and an extra two sethomes.


Current Staff Members[]

Administrators: Bocktrow, RootExpert, Bedbug and PetlitMC

Senior Moderators:

Moderators: CakePann, OdgeBodge and Raxne

Helpers: Tofandel, IsaRat, Kaysao, PancakeNinjaz and BenSanta

Builders: Foex

Former Staff Members[]

Administrators: Champ, chrisagelou, BaconDrippings, Agent__, EliteRay, stigiophobic, Jlsteelers, gominoloOPR , Red_Epicness and Pumpykin

Senior Moderators: Unicornkitty25, ReisesPieces, LadyGwynn, valeoftears, Sprintfox, Yssauc, arachnophobia, TerraMMReve, IsaRat, and MandieClick

Moderators: xTheLoneWolf__, Turteh, Tuuzik, Waymaker87, Brazillaz, NSA_Ghost, ButterToasties, httpcat, MarZouk, WorknTwerk, TheAlphaa, itsAnatime, Puppay, PruBen, QxeenOfAsh, ChikinTendie, ANAPPLEZ, Karuchan, DJ_Stymie, creeper2killer, kenny1djctx, Prozac, RocknJoey, Queen_ArcticRain, Latkabear, Lizardos, Mars_Ultor123, Raxne, RestlessZombi, MrBinary, ImAChirry_, BlueeDevils and GangstaKatze

Helpers: AgentDylan_, Alcher, MrMoka, TeRektz, Chiliepeppers, miyigi96, rockyblue9, Paninini, PandaFeller, AndyPaz, Jerebov, Admiral_M_10k, degrumpysmurf, jamie_lmao and JaydeStarr

Builders: _Rancher, Jxxk, and Gabbe_, Jamm, vasab1e

Featured Builds: (will add later ;D)[]

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