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Want to buy one The Chicken? -LukeElKnight

LukeElKnight is a player on VanillaVerse who originally joined during the 1.8 version of the server. He was brought to the server by Rancher.

LukeElKnight is a decently well known player, his friends include Heesmaster, Daewoo_, PetlitMC, Rancher, PancakeNinjaz, Ur Boi Panda, Lomayo, MightBeLynn and a few others.

He lives within The Ranch along with Lomayo, MightBelynn and the founder, Rancher. Previous homes were in Oaktown and the not so rememberable Jungle Town which was a town started by him and Reicespieces and a small amount of other players in 1.8.

He was also the first player to reach it to 0,0 in the 2020 season of VanillaVerse.

He won one UHC in VanillaVerse with teammates Rancher and Ur Boi Panda while the first 2020 season was still active

He has a past ban and punishment record consisting of 2 mutes for chat spam, 1 month ban for hacking in front of mods, another 1 month ban for x-ray, a week ban, which was pardoned, for destroyed an unclaimed public end-farm.

One of the original templars under command of HorseGlue, during the 1.13 season of VanillaVerse which protected Oaktown. Also worth noting that he constructed roughly a third of Oaktown’s wall during the first 2020 season of VanillaVerse.