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Cherry is a player on VanillaVerse. He has trouble reading sometimes, but has a very good sleeping schedule. He is also the Japanese and English voice actor for Meliodas, according to an anonymous source.


In 2014 he had a fling with Gruncle Stan, however it ended in a messy breakup and left him heartbroken. It wasn't until 2020 he fell in love and married GangstaKatze in Port City. To this day they are happily together, making many fans happy that Chirry finally got his happily ever after.


In 2020, he first met Raxne when she asked for volunteers to help build her base. He volunteered, of course. They have been friends ever since. You will always see them on call, almost everyday. They were asked many times if they were dating, which was also the reason for their laughters for the days ahead. There were ups and down but they always managed. He's the reason why she looks forward to every night, every call. Somene who finally understands.

Messages from friends, to Cherry[]

One day, Raxne was asked if she knew Cherry deleted his discord. She didn't. And till now, she still can't find him.

I hope you're doing well C, I miss you.

Wherever you are Chirry, we love you and hope you return to us one day or contact us in one way or another.