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Clarinettist is an Emerald rank member of VanillaVerse from the United Kingdom. He joined VanillaVerse in 2019 during S2 (1.13). He was one of the last members online before VanillaVerse closed in June 2019. He is also allegedly the only person who knows the exact date that VanillaVerse closed.

Clarinettist has many friends on VV and loves the server a lot.


  • Music
  • Computer Science
  • Graphic Design
  • Mathematics
  • Minecraft


  • Fortnite


Clarinettist plays the soprano clarinet, tenor saxophone, bass [guitar] and keyboard and would one day like to play the contrabass clarinet.

Clarinettist speaks 2 languages: English and Chinese, but is also studying French in school.

Clarinettist has applied for Helper on the server 4 times but was denied every time, with his most recent application being denied on the 1 January 2021.

Clarinettist is into 70s rock, New Wave, Jazz and R&B but is trying desperately hard to understand what is so good about modern music.

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