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Cee Lo Green is credited with singing Blocky Storm, the second opening for the VanillaVerse series. Along with this, he even made a few guest appearances throughout. He was featured as a villain during the "Breakfast for Dinner" arc of the show.


Cee Lo Green was first hinted at in the episode "The Voice" as a shadowy figure at the end of the episode. It was revealed he was a mini-mastermind of the organization attacking character PancakeNinjaz. He would then make small appearances throughout, seen delivering and sending messages to numerous small enemies.

During the episode "Forget You" it was revealed that he had a past relationship with PancakeNinjaz. It's brought of questioning for PancakeNinjaz's inability to write music. The two were inseparable friends from childhood. They did everything together until PancakeNinjaz became a part of the music writing industry. After a traumatic breakup, he wrote the song "Forget You". Jealous by PancakeNinjaz's skills, Cee Lo Green stole his song and rewrote it with swears. The two grew apart and PancakeNinjaz swore to never make music again. However, his companions convinced him he would have to do it again in order to defeat Cee Lo Green.

His final appearance was in "Does that Make Me Crazy?". Cee Lo Green engaged in a ferocious battle with PancakeNinjaz who left his team behind. While the two are fighting, PancakeNinjaz reveals he didn't want to do this and just wanted his childhood friend back. Once PancakeNinjaz knocked Cee Lo Green to the ground, he stood over them and told him the line "I don't want to kill you, does that make me crazy?" to which Cee Lo Green responded with "Possibly." before leaning up and stabbing PancakeNinjaz in the stomach. Before PancakeNinjaz's vision fades, he sees a trident get thrown into Cee Lo Green, knocking him down, which is followed the voices of his team coming to save him.