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ButterToasties is somewhat of an entrepreneur, a businessman if you will.

He started his humble beginnings on the Vanillaverse server in the early days of 1.7, which at that point he was a nobody and couldn't build for the life of him, he began his journey of becoming the sexiest Minecraft player to ever exist with the assistance of AndyLad121 and Creeper2Killer and of course, the man himself Ben.

But then he had his breaking moment, he developed a crappy, ugly town called ToasterTown, but it was a place he and many others called home and became a thriving town built of stone bricks and oak planks. The town's main attraction was the large furnace wall composed of just under 10,000 furnaces which lined the entire town, as he didn't have a rank at the time and couldn't claim the town, his small monkey ape brain composed that idea at about 5 in the morning.

A kind lady by the name of LadyGwynn teleported to the young man one day and noticed his struggles, and kindly bought him King rank (Equivalent of Diamond now) and he was filled with utter ecstasy, he couldn't believe the kindness of this player

She later teleported and bought him emperor, and he had a fit.

ButterToasties was real close with Chibikko and Zoktobian, a little too close if you ask me... (Chibi enjoyed it obviously)

Update 24 January 2021 ButterToasties was permanently banned on the 27 November 2020. :(